2020 Workshops

Reporting, special needs, mindset, money – if you need to know about it, chances are we’re covering it!

Welcome! The Australian Homeschooling Summit ran May 4 – 15, 2020. And we recorded it all, so you have the option to watch 31 fantastic homeschooling workshops and the 15 bonus sessions we ran!

Read on to get details of everything included, or

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Welcome/Homeschooling Habits

Kelly George

Fearless Homeschool

Homeschooling success results from the small actions we take consistently – habits. In this workshop we’ll talk about setting habits along with goals, how to establish good habits in line with your personality, keystone habits that you can use to leverage success, and the habits that you and your kids can implement.

At the end you’ll have a habit plan that will help you reach your goals on autopilot.

Setting your child up to WIN!

The future is unpredictable. Information and technology is expanding at an seemingly impossible rate and we all know that the traditional model of school is failing to adequately prepare kids for this dynamic world of the 21st century.
Passion Based Learning is a powerful model to unlock your child’s inner brilliance and set them up for success.

In this workshop I’ll share with you my 5 keys to create an engaging learning experience that will inspire and motivate them to overcome the challenges they face and share their interests with the world.

Isolation - your greatest fear or current reality?

Are you worried that choosing home education will isolate your child, or is this the reality for you due to your location?

There are many ways to navigate isolation to ensure you and your children have community networks where support and friendship can flourish.

Being part of the home education community is what I call the ‘special sauce’ on the experience of homeschooling.

Join us as we discuss the next level of the journey.

Unschooling - The kids will be alright!

New to homeschooling and wanting to find out more about unschooling? Been homeschooling awhile and want to dip your toe into unschooling but are worried about your children ‘falling behind’? Come and learn how unschooling can work for your family.

After this workshop, parents will:
– Understand what Unschooling is – and isn’t?
– Reporting as Unschoolers
– But how will they learn to read?
– And what about maths?
– What about University and Higher Education?
– What if they want to play video games all day?
– What about socialisation?
– Unschooling on the road
– How to follow your child’s interests

Go home with:
– A take home list of suggested books, resources, websites and social media pages to help you on your unschooling journey
– Resource to help you pinpoint your child’s strengths and interests

Aboriginal People's 60,000 year old Learning Style

Nola Turner-Jensen

Crackerjack Education

Did you know that Australian Aboriginal peoples have their own effective learning style?

In this workshop, Nola will cover learning using


  • Elders’ use of oral teaching systems
  • The Dreaming (Creation) time learnings
  • Scary stories to keep kids safe
  • Moral Stories using the environment
  • Totems as visual learning cues

Making the Most of the Journey

Bel Moore

Belinda Moore

Through reflecting upon our family’s home education journey, I will share with you the value of incidental learning, life learning, co-operative learning, travel and other lifestyle choices.

This workshop and the included workbook will assist you to identify opportunities and goals for your own family.

I will share feedback from our six children (16-25) who were home educated, and what I have learnt from them. I am also currently embarking on a home ed journey with my youngest, who is 4 years old, so planning to make the most of these precious years is still very relevant to our family.

Starting Homeschool Like a Pro

Karen Willson

Simply Homeschool

Whether you’re new to homeschool or just need to press the reset button, Karen will show you how to homeschool like a pro. If you have ever felt overwhelmed and low on confidence, then this talk is for you!

Join Karen as she gives you a refreshing perspective on homeschooling. Karen shares the seven subjects that really matter – and they might not be quite what you expect! Discover what you really do and really don’t need to have and do to homeschool well.

Navigating Neurodiversity in your Homeschool

Homeschooling a child with special needs can feel like an overwhelming and almost impossible task.

But what if we released the pressure valve of expectations (who put that there anyway?!) and created space to allow our children to learn in ways best suited to them and instead of seeing deficits, we saw passions, abilities and strengths?

Lusi has been homeschooling five children all with a diversity of special needs (health, behavioral and neurological) for 11 years and is passionate about encouraging families to live into their best individual and collective lives.

Bring Learning to Life with Stories

Anthony Coafield

Living Book Press

Finding affordable curricula that your students (and you!) enjoy is one of the hardest parts of homeschooling. Our heart sinks when we see tears come into their eyes at the sight of another workbook, or when weeks after we’ve done so much work they can’t remember a thing!

Luckily there is a way to make schooling more fun and help students remember the information they’re given. In this workshop Anthony will give you some examples of how you can make learning more fun using story books. We’ll talk about how stories help us remember and I’ll read from an assortment of books that will illustrate how much easier and more fun your school can be by using living books.

By the end you’ll feel confident in ditching some of the workbooks, and instead curling up on the couch to share some stories.

Home Ed Graduates - what do they think?

Erin Hassett’s Adult Children

Seven Little Australians & Counting

Erin Hassett has graduated five home educated children and now also has a home educated daughter-in-law, and in this interview they chat about some common questions they get asked. What are they doing now? What are their thoughts on their education? And what advice do they have for you?

Tune in for a wonderfully candid and informal chat about what home ed is like on the receiving end.

Unpacking Maths For Every Day Life

Esther White

Maths Australia

With the current virus pandemic and extensive school closure around Australia, its important to know how and what to teach your kids when you’re stuck at home. How do you teach them what they need to know so they are ready to go back to school? Or are you ready to homeschool your kids as a long term decision?

Whichever option you choose, its important to have the right tools and evidence-based methods to teach – because when it comes to teaching maths, there simply are ways that “work” (and always will) and ways that “don’t work” (and never will).

Regardless of your child’s maths ability or understanding, Esther will explain the importance of sequential learning & multi-sensory tools to build maths foundations for life – so that your child will be able to use numbers, calculations and working out effectively in class, at home, for exams and especially, for everyday situations. Using these simple and effective teaching methods, your kids will have the opportunity to feel confident about maths and will be equipped to use their knowledge in everyday life!

Resource Ideas for Hands on Learning

Providing a range of resources in our home ed life improves long term learning and understanding, while also assisting to learn in other ways.

Join me in this workshop as I share some of the many well-loved tools and resources I have collected over the last 10 years. Learn how to include some useful hands-on-materials in all areas of learning, so you can enrich your home ed life.

Gathering resources for 4 children ranging in ages and interests, has provided me with the opportunity to share some of those items, so you can strengthen your own child’s learning and engagement.

Getting Started with Charlotte Mason

When we started teaching our children at home 27 years ago we were attracted to the timeless ideas of the 19th Century educator and writer, Charlotte Mason, and discovered that they were ideally suited to a home education situation. However, there were limited resources available at that time and the Internet was a few years away so over the years we’ve adapted the resources/curriculum we had available to us to suit our large family.

In this workshop I will be sharing the main features of the Charlotte Mason method; ideas on building your own curriculum or adapting another; getting started; teaching teens; how to choose living books and anything else that gets raised in Q & A.

There’s an Easier Way, Genius

Heidi Conway

Change Maker Mums

Every homeschooling family has challenging days. Days filled with conflict and frustration. Days when it feels impossible to motivate your child to actually learn something. We fall back into of our own patterns when dealing with frustration and forget to think about what your teen needs at that point.

The solution is found in communication but how do we create that communication in ‘that’ state? And now we have a model that places the teen at the centre. ‘Talent Dynamics for Young People’ and ‘Genius Camps’, allows discovery of our teens’ natural tendencies for how they think and learn. By knowing those tendencies we can influence the willingness to act and learn, improve communication through understanding and love, and create ease in our relationship.

Heidi will share how the tools facilitated her communication with her teen boys to minimise the conflict and frustration they were experiencing in their homeschool environment. Now she wants to introduce you to these tools, during this workshop, with additional communication tips you can use straight away to assure lifelong learners and leaders who create and thrive in the changing world.

Creating your own Booklists for a Literature Based Education

Do you want to design a literature based education for your family but don’t know where to start? Do you need assistance in creating a tailor made education to best suit your family? Do you want to use living books to nurture a passion for education in your family.

I will step you through how to create your own booklists for your topic choice of interest and share my passion and knowledge to help your children experience a literature based education.

Join us now!

Embrace Nature Study Effortlessly

Would you like to include nature study into your homeschool, but don’t know where to start? Does the idea of adding another thing to the list overwhelm you? Perhaps you’re not an outdoor person or the prospect of drawing intimidates you?

Thankfully, nature study is not as complex or demanding as it seems. In this workshop, Marie will provide effortless nature study ideas to inspire a love for discovering nature’s mysteries that will form an excellent foundation for a scientific education naturally.

Then step outdoors with confidence and delight in nature’s secrets hiding in your backyard, neighbourhood or park.

12 Years of History and Geography - Why and How?

Myfanwy Dibben


History is often seen as boring, unimportant, dull dates and dusty objects disconnected and irrelevant. This talk will show the opposite is true and how the home educator has a real advantage over the classroom teacher. Being a good historian will enable you to have the skills to:
* be a critical thinker
* be a discerning consumer of texts able to determine fact from fiction
* be able to understand how, why and what decisions were made and actions taken in the past in order to help you make good decisions in the future for yourself.
* to enable yourself to be a part of the “great conversation” as an educated voice.

Learn about some great resources as well as examples on how to make the learning relevant to your child in many different ways.

This talk will focus on having a narrative approach to teaching world history and how this approach helps make the learning stick and breathe life back into the people of the past. Having an historical context to better interpret current political events.

Home Educating Special Needs: Financial Assistance and NDIS

Are you aware that there is some financial assistance available for home educating children with special needs?

I’ll show you how to apply for Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC), walking you through the process and forms involved.

I’ll also show you how to get the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to help kick some educational goals, even though it doesn’t fund educational needs directly.

Mindset Matters – priming kids to succeed

What is the difference between kids that succeed and kids that don’t?
Is it their socioeconomic status? Environment? Peer group? Their heritage or their opportunities?
All these factors matter – but recent studies in neuro-science show that there is something much more powerful, much more fundamental and much more critical to the future success of our kids…

In this workshop I’ll be sharing 5 key MINDSET principles that I’ve learned from my past 20 years as a parent/educator and the last 5 years as a life coach.
Change the mind – you change the outcomes. Change the outcomes – you change their life!

Eyes Wide Open: Benefits and Disadvantages to Home Educating

Beverley Paine

The Educating Parent

I’m known for saying that the benefits of home educating your children just keep on growing.
And while that’s true, isn’t all love and roses, there’s a fair bit of sacrifice, hard work and way too many doubt-plagued days…

Let me talk you through the ups and downs and hopefully help to build your confidence as we piece together a realistic vision of what home education is and can be for your family.

Staying Organised while Homeschooling

Patricia Fitzgerald

Homeschooling requires STUFF. We will go over keeping on top of the paper chaos that can ensue with homeschooling and record keeping. We’ll look at what I have done to get it all under control and minimise the overwhelming amounts of stuff that can accumulate, whilst maintaining easy access to what you need and want.

Studying, Working, and Homeschooling: How to Juggle

Worried that you’ll have to give up all of your goals to homeschool?

Luckily, that’s not the case because I’d go crazy without a pile of projects! So while homeschooling my five children I’ve run two businesses and earned a Bachelor of Nursing with Distinction.
And while doing that we’ve also travelled widely, spending nearly four years travelling Australia, eight months in Europe/SE Asia, and two months hiking in New Zealand.

After all this I know a bit about juggling priorities! In this workshop, I’ll share strategies that help me get it all done, and assist you to work out whether you can achieve while helping your children learn.

Fitting In The Feast... so no-one Goes Hungry.

One of the biggest problems many people have when they first consider homeschooling, and in particular Charlotte Mason or Classical Education, is the sheer number of subjects.
People wonder how they can fit it all in and do so without burning themselves or their children out.

Well, I am about to let you in on a little secret and it’s not hard!

We will look at:
• What subjects?
• What subjects are age appropriate?
• Narration, the cornerstone of learning.
• Avoiding burnout.
• Working out a ‘schedule’.
• Your secret weapon.

If you or your child(ren) are guilty of … dawdling, lacking motivation, boredom or you are just at a loss of how to make it work, then this workshop is for you.

Responding to THOSE Comments

You get a lot of questions and comments when you homeschool…..and not all of them are positive!

Join Lusi as she chats about the most common questions and comments you’ll get as a homeschooler, and helps you develop ways of replying with patience and grace, and think about them in a way that won’t cause you stress and angst.

Teaching Life Skills with Passion Projects

Heidi Conway

Change Maker Mums

Homeschool families have the opportunity to use a variety of tools to help their teens to learn life skills. Heidi has found a tool that she likes to call the Passion Project Template. She will share this with you, explaining the value it can bring to your teen and the results she had while using it with her own sons.

The Template teaches life skills like vision setting, goal planning, scheduling, budgeting, communication, research and resource identification. It changes the approach for learning life skills in the context of a project of passion for the learner. The outcome is acquiring real time practice of the skills and understanding their value.

As ChangeMaker Mums, you can ensure your students are doing the right thing and developing into resilient, confident, independent learners that allow you more time for yourself.

Wildschooling in Australia

After this workshop, parents will:
– Have an understanding of what Wildschooling is and how it fits into the Home Schooling context
– Understand the benefits of Wildschooling for your entire family
– Know how to keep your family safe whilst Wildschooling
– How to overcome the common barriers that keep families from Wildschooling
– Understand how to map Wildschooling for reporting

Go home with:
– A suggested excursion back-pack list
– Suggested list of tools and toys to encourage Wildschooling at home
– Suggested list of books, apps, websites and resources to encourage extended learning at home and in the wild
– A list of exciting activities to do with your children

Websites to Enhance Your Home Ed Life

Are you a bit unsure about all the programs available online? The number of educational based, on-line learning sites available today is substantial and wading through them all can be confusing. In this workshop we will gain some insight into the most frequently referred to programs mentioned in homeschooling circles. I will also introduce the more popular, newer sites and their advantages, as well as share how to find those discounts and freebies. We will explore some of the short courses for teens and review the Top 10 recommended home education websites to help you spend your money wisely.

Structured Science for Homeschoolers

This talk will focus on how to teach science for people who need structure and support. It will suggest ways you can ensure the Australia curriculum is covered and where to find worthwhile resources.

How do you Afford to Homeschool?


Lots of people worry about how they’ll afford to homeschool. Many picture it as being forced to give up substantial income while taking on substantial costs – and that may be partly true.

Luckily, homeschooling doesn’t have to be expensive and there are many ways to homeschool well if you’re on a limited budget.

In this collaborative workshop Kelly George, Tamara Kelly, Lusi Austin, and Heidi Conway will share the strategies they use to afford to homeschool, covering everything from resources and activities to lifestyle and mindset.

Nurturing your child's gifts & challenges beyond the curriculum

Whilst we’ve all felt the need to go a different way with our child’s education, there is so much more our children are asking us to empower them with…. beyond the curriculum & homeschooling goals.

Join my workshop to learn :

– your child’s True Essence energetic profile

– how this explains their challenges AND gifts under Star, Heart and Earth energy

– using this True Essence profile of your child to call in the exact right opportunities to truly light them up

– how to work with their challenges in an empowered way

Get instant access to 31 workshops + 15 bonus sessions.

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