7 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Curriculum

A workshop with Karen Willson from Simply Homeschool

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As a newcomer to the homeschooling world, I found the wealth of information and the generosity of knowledge to be absolutely invaluable. The variety of topics and honesty shared is amazing. The AHS has empowered me to finally stop testing the water with one tippy toe and just dive on in!


No fluff. No teaser content.

Just in-depth, detailed help for your homeschool.

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Karen Willson

Karen Willson

Simply Homeschool

Michelle Morrow

Michelle Morrow

Homeschooling Downunder

Kelly George

Kelly George

Fearless Homeschool

Beverley Paine

Beverley Paine

The Educating Parent

Belinda Letchford

Belinda Letchford

Live Life with your Kids

People love the Australian Homeschooling Summit

The Australian Homeschooling Summit was hands-down THE BEST money I’ve invested in my child’s education and my mental health ever! (It was also the cheapest!)

Mandy Kaissis

I learnt SO MUCH! I can confidently say I can write my own curriculum and how to collect ‘evidence’ of learning for reporting. I also now know how to suit the individual teaching styles to suit my children.

Caroline Gault

This summit is not to be missed. All of the topics are relevant, practical, useful, and time saving. It is definitely worth listening to and will potentially save you a lifetime of regrets down the homeschool path.

Natalie Gunawan

I found the AHS to be one of the most useful homeschool resources I’ve encountered. The workshops are practical, insightful and inspirational. I feel much less stress about the big things like registration and curriculum.


What exactly do you get?

You’re not alone – we’re here to help!

Access to the recordings of all 78 homeschooling workshops + 15 bonus sessions – Aussie homeschoolers cover everything from homeschool registration, homeschooling styles, deschooling, how to get into university, and many more topics.

Workbooks, planners, and more – Many workshops have associated workbooks, planners, or other resources that help you make positive change happen.

mp3 files – Prefer to listen? You can!

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Want to know exactly what’s included?

Here’s a list of ALL 78 included workshops AND the 15 bonus sessions.


 2020 workshops

  • Homeschooling Habits – Kelly George
  • Setting your child up to WIN – Andrew Lord
  • Isolation – your greatest fear or current reality? – Tamara Kidd
  • Unschooling – The kids will be alright! – Vicci Oliver
  • Aboriginal People’s 60,000 year old Learning Style – Nola Turner-Jensen
  • Making the Most of the Journey – Bel Moore
  • Starting Homeschool like a Pro.- Karen Willson
  • Navigating Neurodiversity in your Homeschool – Lusi Austin
  • Bring Learning to Life with Stories – Anthony Coafield
  • Home Ed Grads Have Their Say – Erin Hassett
  • Unpacking Maths For Every Day Life – & How to Teach It! – Esther White
  • Resource Ideas for Hands on Learning – Rachael Clark: 
  • Charlotte Mason for Beginners – Carol Hudson
  • Teaching Life Skills with Passion Projects – Heidi Conway
  • Responding to THOSE Comments – Lusi Austin
  • Creating Booklists for a Literature Based Education – Erin Hassett: 
  • Embrace Nature Study Effortlessly  – Marie Viljoen
  • History and Geography. Why and How? – Myfanwy Dibben
  • Homeschooling Special Needs: AIC & NDIS – April Jermey
  • Mindset Matters – priming kids to succeed – Andrew Lord
  • Eyes Wide Open: Benefits and Disadvantages of Home Education – Beverley Paine 
  • Staying Organised while Homeschooling – Patricia Fitzgerald
  • Studying, Working, and Homeschooling: How to Juggle – Kelly George
  • Fitting In The Feast: So No-one Goes Hungry – Renelle Jones
  • Inspiration with EASE – Heidi Conway
  • Wild Schooling in Australia – Nicki Farrell 
  • Websites to Enhance your Home Ed Life – Rachael Clark
  • Structured Science for Homeschoolers – Tamara Kelly
  • How do you Afford to Homeschool? – Collaboration
  • Nurturing your child’s gifts & challenges beyond the curriculum – Heidi Hosking


2020 Bonus Sessions

  • Meal Planning Tips from a mum of 10! – Erin Hassett
  • Avoiding burnout with intentional self-care – Lusi Austin
  • Helping your child love writing – Carol Hudson
  • Monday Morning Meetings – our easy organisation method – Tamara Kidd
  • If It’s Not Fun, It’s Not Done! -Heidi Conway
  • Low-Tech Lifestyle – Kelly George
  • Unpacking the Perceptual Positions – Andrew Lord
  • Journalling with the 8 questions – Heidi Conway
  • The 4Cs – What we can focus on right now -Lusi Austin
  • Homeschooling Schedule and Extracurricular Activities – Erin Hassett
  • Integrating Gratitude – Heidi Conway
  • The ONE tool I use to begin every design project – Andrew Lord
  • Encouraging a Love of Books – Erin Hassett
  • 2x live coaching session recordings with Heidi Conway


2019 workshops

  • Sustainable Homeschooling – Kelly George
  • Theme & Project Planning – Tamara Kelly
  • Multisensory Maths – Esther White
  • Tune Into How Your Child Learns – Beverley Paine
  • Striking the right balance so you don’t burn out – Shannon Young
  • How to be an Organised Homeschool Parent – Jen Bauer
  • Prepare your NSW Registration Document in a Few Hours – Karen Willson
  • Taming the Curriculum Monster – Michelle Morrow
  • What I Learned During 20 Years of Homeschooling – Belinda Letchford
  • Is working from home an option for you and your family? – Larteasha Griffen
  • 7 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Curriculum – Karen Willson
  • Deschooling for Homeschoolers – Beverley Paine
  • Unschooling Teens: are they doing enough – Rachael Clark
  • Centering Your Education Around Australian Living Books – Erin Hassett
  • Hygge, Books & Homeschool – Renelle Jones
  • How you can include Aboriginal culture into your Homeschool – Larteasha Griffen
  • Remove registration stress and get on with real home education – Tamara Kidd
  • Home Educating Teens & Beyond – Bel Moore
  • Oh no! I Forgot to Socialise the Kids! – Beverley Paine
  • Cornerstones of a Home-Centered Education – Nicolas Connault
  • Northern Territory Homeschool Registration – Jen Bauer
  • Radical Unschooling Takes Trust – Rachael Clark
  • Don’t be Scared of Science! – Kelly George
  • Techniques for Tough Times: Getting through my Toughest Homeschool Days – Karen Willson
  • How to retrospectively describe everyday life as educational attainment – Tamara Kidd
  • Finding Five Minutes Peace – Michelle Morrow
  • Special needs parenting: A single mother’s journey to radical self care – Tanya Savva
  • Registering with the HEU in Qld – Tamara Kelly
  • Fresh approaches for learning challenges – Crystel Poggioli
  • Travel with Kids: A Real World Education – Noela Dowling



2017 workshops

  • Designing your own Personalised Homeschool – Kelly George
  • Raising kids with strong character -Belinda Letchford
  • Get out from under the ‘mother load’ and move from manic to marvelous – Shannon Young
  • Unschooling: birth to five – Kristy Pillinger
  • But what about university? – Kelly George
  • Nurturing a love of literature – Erin Hassett
  • Homeschooling multiples – Victoria Gregson
  • 100 interviews later: 10 unforgettable lessons I’ve learned from homeschooling parents – Grace Koelma
  • Natural learning: Simply living – Beverley Paine
  • Respectful parenting – Brett Darnesh
  • Unschooling our children, deschooling ourselves – Beverley Paine
  • Herding cats: how to make homeschooling groups work – Tamara Kelly
  • Preparing your homeschooled or unschooled teens for university – Allira Caddies
  • Breaking down the barriers to balance – Shannon Young
  • Better than university: creating your own lifelong educational opportunities – Kelly George
  • Motivating your homeschooled teenager (and yourself) without going crazy – Allira Caddies
  • An introduction to Steiner-inspired homeschooling – Kirstee Raki

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Want more reviews? Here you go!

The Australian Homeschool Summit gave me confidence and reassurance that I am on the right path for my family. I’ve now got new ideas to explore and feel inspired and motivated for this season of life. It’s good to know I’m not alone. The summit was really, really worth it!


I absolutely loved the varied range of how and what can be taught, from unschooling right through to following some sort of curriculum. It has made me so much more confident in my decision to homeschool, and that no matter what happens in my daily life, there are always opportunities for my kids to learn!

It was absolutely invaluable to me.

Kat Lewandowski

I wasn’t going to join you for the AHS this year but FOMO hit me and I am sooo glad I signed up! I received renewed vision, practical resource ideas, supportive advice and encouragement, game changing information and I felt the love! I am without a doubt 100% sure it
was worth it!


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