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Homeschooling through life's challenges podcast with Lusi Austin - Feels Like Home

Welcome to the very first episode of the Feels Like Home Podcast!

I’m chatting to Lusi Austin from That Homeschool Life about homeschooling through life’s challenges.

Her challenges have included (and still include) multiple chronic illnesses, neurodiversity, extended and unexpected renovations, and her husband working away.

Yet through all of the above she’s continued homeschooling her five children, and in this episode she shares her strategies for getting through the tough times.

We cover…

  • Some of the challenges in Lusi’s life
  • Her five-area system for homeschooling for the long-term through all the ups and downs of life -Simplicity, Seasons of Life, Self-Care, Strategy and Spaces
  • The importance of accepting and normalising challenges
  • Why rhythms work better than routines
  • Embracing the ebb and flow of life rather than grinding constantly
  • Having a life and environment that supports learning, even when she’s bedbound
  • Planning for realistic and sustainable self-care
  • Having realistic expectations and giving yourself leeway
  • Why Vegemite soup is OK!

OR you can listen on YouTube – follow the Feels Like Home playlist here.

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Resources mentioned

Lusi’s free homeschooling template pack

Seasons of a Mother’s Heart – Sally Clarkson (out of print)


Focus on things that you can actually control, rather than being swallowed up by what you can’t control – Lusi Austin


Coming soon! I gave it to my daughter to transcribe at the last minute and she has a huge anatomy and physiology assignment due – definitely not good planning.

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