Feels Like Home

An Australian Homeschooling Podcast

Introduction - Feels Like Home, Australian Homeschooling Podcast

Exciting news – I’ve started an Australian homeschooling podcast!

After many years of requests and thinking about it and dithering around, I’ve gotten my butt into gear and actually set it up. Feels Like Home will give you an honest, unfiltered, and ultimately inspiring trip through Australian homeschooling, from a diverse range of parents.

Here’s my introduction – and I’ll be back very soon with the first episode.

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Hello and welcome to Feels Like Home, your newest Aussie homeschooling resource.

I’m Kelly Kotanidis, formerly Kelly George, I have changed my name if you’re a little confused. I run the Fearless Homeschool blog and courses for homeschoolers, and I’ve also hosted 5 Australian Homeschooling summits so this podcast is a bit of an outgrowth from the summit, somewhere we can continue the conversation all year round.

Homeschooling can be a rollercoaster ride and it usually forces us to rethink our views on education, parenting, and in many cases our entire lifestyle. Which certainly been case for us.

In Feels Like Home I’m going to share tips, stories, inspiration, and actionable ideas from Australian parents just like you who have been there, done that, and have strategies for dealing with the highs and lows that homeschooling brings, and for transforming challenges into opportunities for learning and connection with our families.

These are the sorts of stories and content that I would have loved to have had access to when I was starting out, and the sort of stuff that is still going to be incredibly useful and interesting to me even now, 13-odd years into homeschooling my five children. Stories and ideas and support from other homeschoolers have been absolutely essential in getting me through the tricky bits and also inspiring the good bits and that is definitely the aim here – we want to help you with strategies and ideas to get you through the tricky bits while also giving you inspiration to add more good bits to your lives.

Now, this is where I’m meant to tell you how predictable I’m going to be and that I’ll have a new episode every Wednesday or something like that…but I figure you know all about how unpredictable life can be, and I really don’t like schedules. It’s actually one of the reasons homeschooling works so well for me, because I like to keep things flexible! So please, subscribe on your favourite podcasting app, follow, and sign up to the the email list to keep track of our gloriously unpredictable episodes I promise they will be worth the sometimes random wait times.

Please always remember that this podcast, like everything I make, is for you – so far this has all been built on feedback, questions, and ideas from my fantastic homeschooling community. If you ever have any ideas for topics or guests then I am always open to hearing them.

We will have the first proper episode ready very soon, so in the meantime please subscribe on your favourite podcast app, it should appear on all of the main ones very soon.

Thanks so much for listening and I’ll be back soon with our first episode of Feels Like Home, see you then.

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