Thanks for your interest in sponsoring the 2020 Australian Homeschooing Summit.

What is the Australian Homeschooling Summit?

Simply put, it’s an online homeschooling conference targeted to Australian parents. And it’s by far the biggest Australian homeschooling event.

Unlike other online or virtual summits, we provide workshops full of actionable content (not just interviews), live and interactive sessions, and access to the presenters.

All of this combines to create an event that attendees have likened to sitting and having a cuppa with a knowledgeable homeschooling friend.

2019 Quick Stats

Tickets Sold

Summit Email List

Email Open Rate

Pageviews from 10329 Users

Giveaway Entrants

Active FB Group Members

Email Click Rate

2020 Key Dates

April 1 – Bonus workshops and activities within the AHS Facebook group

April 13 – 22 – Viral giveaway

May 4 – 15 – Showtime!

2019 Testimonials

Confirmed 2020 Speakers

We expect to have around 20 presenters. Our presenters tend to be experienced homeschooling parents with established homeschooling blogs or social media accounts. Many run long-term, respected businesses serving homeschooling parents.

Although accurate numbers are difficult to obtain, there were 19,000 homeschooled students registered Australia-wide in 2017. Selling 1145 tickets in 2019 means that our presenters are a trusted resource for a very large percentage of Australian homeschooling parents.

Beverley Paine

Beverley Paine

The Educating Parent

Kelly George

Kelly George

Fearless Homeschool

Rachael Clark

Rachael Clark

Unschooling Down Under

Karen Willson

Karen Willson

Simply Homeschool

Marie Viljoen

Marie Viljoen

Nature Study Australia

What You Get

As a business, you know that display ads are ineffective nowdays – instead, you need authentic connection with real homeschoolers.

So that’s what we aim to provide.

As well as the standard logo placements and links, you’ll also sponsor two of the daily emails, get membership in the Facebook group so you can chat to participants, the option to present a workshop, and the ability to promote your own lead magnets and products in a number of ways.

Run Facebook promotions? You’ll also receive the audience list for visitors to the AHS website – enabling you to target your promotions to people who are interested.

And it’s all evergreen – when the event is over, the recordings are available to purchase, so your promotion continues all year.

You’ll also get assistance with what to offer and how to present it, if you choose. After running 4 homeschooling summits plus 5 years involved in the Australian homeschooling market I can help you position your offer for maximum conversions.

Quick Summary

  • Shared customer audience list – Facebook
  • Company logo and link on homepage
  • Company logo and link on giveaway page
  • Company logo and link on schedule page
  • 2 posts on the group Facebook page during the AHS
  • Two email mentions during the AHS
  • Continued promotion with evergreen sales of the AHS recordings package
  • Membership in AHS Facebook group, as your business
  • 2 Dedicated Pinterest pins of your business to all Fearless Homeschool’s group boards
  • The ability to offer Summit participants a lead magnet to increase your email list
  • Your own affiliate account for Summit ticket sales – earn back your investment with 50% of your ticket sales
  • Assistance with pitching collaboration ideas to presenters, some of the biggest Australian homeschooling influencers
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA – publicly available product review, including Facebook and YouTube video

Want to work on a personalised plan for your sponsorship? Contact me to discuss it.

Shared Audience List

Decrease your Facebook ad spend and increase conversions by sharing your products with the people who want them – Australian homeschoolers.

Two Emails to Summit Attendees

Summit attendees get a daily email with workshop details – your choice of image, text, and promotion will be added to two of the daily summit emails.

2019 emails had an average open rate of 46.99% and average click-through rate of 15.98%.

Logo and Links

Your logo and link will be placed on the Australian Homeschooing Summit homepage, giveaway page, and schedule page, plus in the PDF Summit checklist.

The site received 39,589 pageviews from 10,329 users, while the checklist is emailed to all purchasers.

Promotion on Fearless Homeschool’s social media

Reach a wider homeschooling audience!

You’ll receive

  • 3 dedicated Facebook posts (4000+ likes/4200+ followers)
  • 3 dedicated pins on Pinterest (3000+ followers + pinning on all group boards)

Promotion on the AHS Facebook group


You’ll receive 2 dedicated Facebook posts (766 active and engaged members in 2019)

Option – Product Review

The most-requested feature from 2019 sponsors was product reviews, so here they are!

You know that when parents are considering investing in your product, the first thing they type into Google or YouTube is *product* review”.

Having a clear, thorough, and honest review with real-life examples appear high in search results is essential – it shows parents exactly what your product involves and how it can be used in their homeschool. 

Please note that this is subject to my agreement so I can ensure I can do a great job – contact me before choosing this option and we’ll discuss exactly what we can do with your products before you commit.

  • 1-2 review videos, posted on the Summit group, plus publicly on Fearless Homeschool’s FB and YT accounts.
  • Video embedded in keyword-optimised blog post on Fearless Homeschool
  • Email to FH list and Summit list about review post
  • Regular, consistent promotion of review post/video on FB and Pinterest, using schedulers
  • Copy of video for own use
  • 5 photos of your product in use
  • Links in relevant places across the FH site (eg. what we’re using now, how we homeschool*subject*)

Any Questions?

You’re welcome to email kelly@fearlesshomeschool.com or call me on 0423 407 531 to discuss your sponsorship.

I’m dedicated to exceeding your expectations, so I’m happy to discuss your ideas and further strategies to help you get the results you want.


Not available

+ Logo + link placements
+ Email promotion
+ Social media promotion
+ Facebook audience
+ Affiliate account
+ Direct contact with attendees


$990 AUD


Not available

+ Everything in Standard, plus
+ 1-2 review videos
+ Keyword-optimised blog post
+ Copy of video for own use
+ Social media promotion
+ Email promotion
+ 5 photos
+ Additional links

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