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Registration, deschooling, special needs, mindset – if you need it, chances are we’re covering it!

Welcome! The Australian Homeschooling Summit ran in February, 2019.

But don’t be sad you missed it – we recorded it all for you!

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Welcome & Sustainable Homeschooling

Welcome! Here’s where I’ll say hello and we can get to know each other and how the Australian Homeschooling Summit will work.

Then we’ll get into the good stuff. Homeschooling is kind of like having a child – when we’re pregnant (thinking of homeschooling) we can only think of the birth (registration). Once that’s over we realise that was just the beginning, and we now have many years to get through and not much of an idea how to!

After 12 years of homeschooling five children during study, travel, stressful times and working from home, I’ve learned a few things about how to homeschool for the long-term – the hard way. In this workshop I’ll help you create and implement strategies NOW that will help you get through your homeschooling years without ending up in a chaotic muddle.

Theme & Project Planning

Tamara Kelly

Freaking out about how to come up with a plan with will get approved by the Home Education Unit? I’ll show you how to effectively brainstorm and hammer a plan into shape that passes Queensland requiements based on themes and projects – a much more effective way to learn.

Multisensory Maths: Teaching Our Children Effectively Using Research-Based Solutions

Esther White

Maths Australia

As homeschooling parents, we have the opportunity to explore “how do our children truly learn?”

Through teaching in a truly hands-on and multi sensory way, we can provide a real solution that will  prepare our children for life, and for excelling in their chosen fields.

Join us in this interactive presentation, where Esther White, (a homeschooler of five beautiful children) will uncover the requirements of an effective maths program so that every child – whether typical, with learning differences, or gifted – has the opportunity to understand and master maths.

Come find out how any, and every, parent can succeed at giving their children the best maths education ever possible (even if you don’t currently understand it yourself)!

Tune Into How Your Child Learns

Beverley Paine

The Educating Parent

Do you know how your child learns best? I didn’t. I naively assumed they learned in the same way I did. And I really didn’t know much about that either. I only came across the concept of learning styles when my kids were in their teens! But by then we’d bumbled our way through a decade of homeschooling and unschooling. I’ll show you how to take the short cut and ditch years of frustration, tears and tantrums by getting to know your child’s learning styles and preferences, and shape how you home educate to match their learning needs with this workshop.

Bring your learning style questions and I’ll answer them in the live Q&A!

Striking the right balance so you don't burn out

Shannon Young

The Care Factor

You give everything when you homeschool and that can backfire. Even with the best of intentions, you can burn out being everything to everyone and not taking care of yourself.

Learn the biggest barrier you need to overcome to find balance, how to strike that right balance, and how to de-stress so you can be the parent and teacher that your children need to thrive.

How to be an Organised Homeschool Parent

No, this is not an oxymoron!

Do you struggle with organising your homeschool? Or are you an organised person, but your children prefer organised chaos? Jen loves to organise, and will show you how you and your family can have a more peaceful and productive day with the help of an organised homeschool.

She’ll help you with:

  • Organising Yourself
  • Organising Your Curriculum
  • Organising Your Homeschool Space
  • Organising Your Homeschool Supplies
  • Organising Your Homeschool Books

Prepare your NSW Registration Document in a Few Hours

Karen Willson

Simply Homeschool

Have you ever wished someone else could write your Registration Document?

Have you looked at the Outcomes and instantly had a headache?

Would you like an experienced homeschooler to talk you through it, step by step?

In this workshop, I will do just that. We’ll include Stage Statements, outline your Learning Activities and resources, and make realistic plans for record keeping and assessment. I’ll share important things to know about your upcoming visit, including a list of things you are not required to do!

So grab your computer, a cup of coffee, some chocolate and let’s get it done!

Taming the Curriculum Monster

For many of us “the curriculum” can seem like a monster we don’t want to face. This curriculum beast looms threateningly over us telling us to obey its rules or else it will send its fire breathing legislative powers upon us and crush our homeschool.  Many fall prey to its rhetoric. But this beast is only a man-made spectre  that can be tamed into your submission.

In this talk Michelle helps you rise above the curriculum beast and work out what will keep this monster happy  so you can be free of its threats and get on and teach what you really want. This workshop also gives you an overview of  the Australian Curriculum and other state syllabi.

What I Learned During 20 Years of Homeschooling

Belinda Letchford

Live Life with your Kids

Having come to the end of our homeschooling journey (after 20 years) I am able look back and see the things that we did that have helped our kids be where they are today. Homeschooling has been our story – and in this session I’d like to share what worked, what didn’t and some of the significant lessons I learnt along the way.

This will be an assurance to families still in the thick of it that homeschooling DOES give great results.

    Is working from home an option for you and your family?

    Larteasha Griffen

    Little Griffens

    One of the biggest reasons parents dismiss homeschooling is the financial stress it can have on the family. But what if you could work from home without it interfering your homeschooling outcomes? In this workshop, Larteasha will share her experiences of working from home and strategies that she uses to effectively homeschool while meeting her deadlines. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of working from home and analyse whether it’s a good fit for you and your family. We’ll also delve into work opportunities for homeschooling families. After this workshop, parents will be able to decide whether working from home is an option for them, use strategies to effectively work from home while homeschooling, and identify opportunities.

    7 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Curriculum

    Karen Willson

    Simply Homeschool

    Sick of trying to use a curriculum that doesn’t really fit your child? Want to create your own homeschool curriculum but don’t know where to start?

    I have been passionate about writing curriculum to suit my kids’ needs and interests for over 20 years – and I’ve learnt a lot along the way!

    In this workshop, I let you in on my 7 Simple Steps to creating the (almost) perfect curriculum for your kids! Based on good books and real life, create your own curriculum and join the simply homeschool movement!

      Deschooling for Homeschoolers

      Beverley Paine

      The Educating Parent

      It’s been said that children need a month of deschooling for every year they’ve been at school. It’s not just the kids though – we parents need to deschool as much as they do. We are the ones that worry about education and nag the kids about when, how and why they should be learning this or that. We need to chill out, take the school out of learning – stop thinking of ourselves as homeSCHOOLers and start thinking of ourselves as Educating Parents! Let Beverley show you how.

      Bring your deschooling questions and I’ll answer them in the live Q&A!

      Unschooling Teens: are they doing enough?

      Wondering how to keep your teens engaged or concerned about what will happen in the future when unschooling? Need to rekindle teens’ interests or help them to set some goals? Then come and hear Rachael Clark share her experiences and ideas to keep your family on an unschooling path. Investigate ways to expand your child’s unique personality into career options. Learn why your teen is seemingly doing nothing, and how you can keep being connected. Be empowered on your unschooling journey by learning ways to help your teenager to further themselves.

      Centering Your Education Around Australian Living Books

      Discussing Australian living books, particularly literature, history & picture books. Talking the nuts and bolts of how to create an education centered around Aussie living books. What I’d recommend, how to know what to select, where to find your treasures, what to do with your choices and lots more.

      Hygge, Books & Homeschool

      Grab a cuppa, pull up that comfy chair and join me for a time. I want to share, from my family to yours, how we go about using books and learning in a natural way. A way that naturally inspires our children to want more! How do we use books?, What do I look for and where can I find them?, How do we approach writing, narration, or a smidge of grammar? Can I give my child a high quality education without devoting my entire life (or entire day) to it? You will see how we learn simply & naturally and that ‘curriculum’ is limited. It’s a myth that homeschooling is burdensome. You do not need a lot of money, space or ‘stuff’. It’s simple and needs no clutter or fuss. Kick fear to the curb. Let me bring a little levity to something that has been done by parents unquestioned, for most of human history, educating their own to become productive, independent members of society.

        How you can include Aboriginal culture into your Homeschool

        Larteasha Griffen

        Little Griffens

        Do you want to include Aboriginal culture into your homeschool lessons but don’t know where to start?

        Join Larteasha as she discusses 10 ways you can include Aboriginal culture into your homeschool lessons!

        From choosing excursions to using Aboriginal art symbols, we’ll discuss activities that can give you a deeper understanding of Australian Aboriginal culture.

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        Remove registration stress and get on with real home education

        My aim is to demystify the registration process and give you power when dealing with the demands of government bodies, nosey neighbours or frustrating family members about your Home Education experience. You will walk away with information on registration with any registration body in any state or territory. This is where the stress will leave you and the path to get on with life while ticking boxes casually reveals itself. I will demystify the registration process and give context to what it means to ‘learn naturally’ or unschool while still covering the syllabus. This is a great workshop for anyone wanting to make documentation easier or looking to free up their homeschooling, letting the hands off the reins at times without the horse bolting.

          Home Educating Teens & Beyond

          Bel Moore

          Belinda Moore

          Want to know the opportunities available for homeschooled teens, and just how they transition to further study and adult life?

          Bel has home educated six teens to date. Four are now adults who have gone on to further study and employment. She draws from her own personal experience and research to share information about pathways to further study, discuss parenting challenges, suggest ideas for motivating teens, and describe camps and other social activities for home educated teens.

          Oh no! I Forgot to Socialise the Kids!

          Beverley Paine

          The Educating Parent

          If you asked most people why kids go to school they’d say that’s where kids are taught how to read and write and learn about the world. Parents are typically more concerned with grades than whether or not their child is having a good time at school, has lots of friends, and is popular, etc. So why does socialisation suddenly become the area of most concern when children are homeschooled?

          Learn ways to answer that pesky question we all hate…

          Plus – explore what socialization really is and why it is important!

          Bring your socialisation questions and I’ll answer them in the live Q&A!

          Cornerstones of a Home-Centered Education

          Nicolas Connault

          Nicolas Connault

          Children’s education is the primary responsibility of their parents. Education can take many forms, but which one is the best for your children? Mainstream schooling? Homeschooling? Unschooling? In this workshop I will begin by explaining how education should always be home-centered. I will then describe 4 personal attributes that form the foundation of a successful home-centered education. These are love, humility, open-mindedness and courage. I will explain why they are so important, and how they can be nurtured and used to support your children’s education.

            Northern Territory Homeschool Registration

            If you live in the Northern Territory, or are thinking of moving there, and need help with the registration process or have questions, then this workshop is for you.

            Jen has been homeschooling in the Northern Territory for the past seven years, and is also on a team of home educators who are working with the Department to make the registration process simpler and more flexible. She’ll take you through the registration form and answer (or try to find answers) for any questions you may have.

            Radical Unschooling Takes Trust

            If whole-of-life unschooling (or Radical Unschooling) sounds appealing then this workshop is for you. How can you manage to keep a calm home if you give up control of academics, screens, food and sleep hours? Hear about the many benefits that your family could enjoy from trusting your children more. If you’ve been unschooling for a while and find yourself continually supporting your children to more independence and self-understanding, then come along and address your own triggers, fears and worries while learning what might work better for your family.

            Don't be Scared of Science!

            Science can be scary to teach if you don’t have a strong grounding in it yourself. All those elements, huge words, and it has MATHS!

            But science really isn’t scary – it’s fascinating and it’s everywhere. 

            In this workshop I’ll show you why scientific literacy is vital for everyone, and how to gain that literacy in a fun and incidental way – no lab reports or Bunsen burners required!

            Techniques for Tough Times: Getting through my Toughest Homeschool Days

            Karen Willson

            Simply Homeschool

            Sometimes, life is tough – health issues, behavioural issues, new baby, screen addictions, chronic illness, chronic pain, hospital stays, financial hardship, managing work and homeschool, starting a business, ADD, slow processing speed, dyslexia, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, psychology appointments, domestic violence, dealing with child abuse, family breakdown, single parenting, family court, homelessness…and this is just my own personal list.

            In this workshop, I share my four simple principles for surviving life and homeschooling during tough times from my 20+ years’ experience: Simplicity, Solidarity, Sanity and Survival. Learn how to get through the tough times with your sanity intact.

              How to retrospectively describe everyday life as educational attainment

              If you find the registration process perplexing and the re-registration down and out terrifying, then this is the workshop for you. Let me demystify the process and show you how to fit your real life retrospectively into any curriculum so you can see how to cover expected outcomes for each year level without changing lifestyle.

              Using any syllabus, learn how to record those expected curriculum outcomes for each year level without changing your children’s lifestyle, barely changing your own, and without turning yourself into a frazzled pretzel! This workshop will help you ease into a more relaxed natural learning style of home education with easier documentation.

              Finding Five Minutes Peace

              It can be hard to find a place of peace in the hustle and bustle of homeschooling.  Your kids are 24/7 and homeschooling is only one of the jobs you have to do.  So many people can be pulling you this way and that way, and it seems that finding time to yourself is not an option.

              In this talk Michelle will discuss ways to find peace in your home and gives you some practical tips that helped her as she homeschooled her 4 children for eighteen years.

                Special needs parenting: A single mother's journey to radical self care

                How do you prioritise your own self care when your focus is on ensuring the best outcomes for your children? With the added complexities of raising children with additional needs, it’s a tough gig. Any act of self care is usually followed by overwhelming feelings of guilt, backlash, and the belief that the effort required to get a moment to yourself really isn’t worth it. 
                It’s a common belief that there just isn’t enough time to look after yourself. But who’s going to care for your children if your lack of self care results in illness, injury, or burnout?
                Tanya shares her journey as a solo special-needs mother and the choice she made to homeschool her blind daughter while they caravanned around Australia. Hear how this radical decision helped her overcome carer burnout, chronic illness, and find balance, joy and abundance.
                Learn about the impact of mindset, the benefit of self care on your child’s wellbeing, how to recognise where you need to focus your time and energy, and reconnect with the essence of your Self, not conditioned by your children’s needs.

                Registering with the HEU in Qld

                Tamara Kelly

                Stumped by how to create a great plan for registration? Registering with the Home Education Unit in Queensland for home education requires some paperwork and a one year plan.

                In this workshop I’ll go through the paperwork and show you the options for planning. It may seem daunting, but when you address it step-by-step it’s really not that bad!

                Fresh approaches for learning challenges

                Crystel Poggioli

                The Whole Child

                Every child has unique needs. Their own strengths and challenges – some children more so than others. So what can you do when you’ve taken responsibility for the education of your child, and you are navigating the maze of supporting them with the skill areas that are really tough? Whether it’s concentrating, being able to sit still, using their hands to draw and write, interacting with other children or more intense special needs… it’s always a journey to find the solutions to bring you through.
                As an occupational therapist, with a bent towards natural health and down-to-earth strategies, my business is all about helping children become their best selves. Being a homeschooling mum to 6 children has stretched my views on what learning difficulties and special needs mean, on how to approach developmental challenges, and how to empower kids to love learning in any setting. Join me as I explore the strategies that I find most helpful, and meet some of my own children as they share the things that have been tougher for them to learn and how they’ve overcome the challenges.

                Travel with Kids: A Real World Education

                Noela Dowling

                Lost and Loving It

                Do you want to travel or holiday more with your family? Experience the best of Australia, or even the world with your kids? Do you want to provide a real-world education? Homeschooling can make all your family travel dreams a reality. Let Noela help you with practical advice on travelling with kids, education on the road, tools to use and resources that make worldschooling or roadschooling easier. Whether it is for a holiday or planning a long-term trip, you too can travel further, cheaper and smarter with kids. Don’t call travel a dream, call it a plan with homeschooling.

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