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Amanda and Patricia Answer All The Questions!

Have you ever wanted to hear experienced homeschool parents answers to the questions others keep asking you, or you keep asking yourself! Here is your chance!
Questions like…

  • Why choose to homeschool?
  • What kind of homeschooling is right for our family?
  • Do parents need special qualifications to homeschool?
  • Will homeschooling affect my child’s social skills?
  • How do I find other homeschooling families or communities?
  • Will homeschooling affect my child’s ability to transition into higher education?
  • How many hours a day should we spend homeschooling?
  • Where do I access quality homeschool resources?

Seasoned Homeschooling mothers, Amanda and Patricia, will answer these common questions and direct you to where you can find more information!

Join us and find out where to start!


Your presenters


 Amanda Bartle has graduated 2 teens and has one left at home, attempting to escape the nest through an apprenticeship. She has accumulated impressive Facebook time answering homeschool questions on registration, career pathways and staying calm in the face of homeschool problems.

Amanda writes plans for Queensland homeschoolers, runs 3 co-ops, teaches classes and is a registered teacher, currently studying Counselling for fun. Her homeschool journey is publicly posted on Facebook as Little Kids Can and includes travel, co-op classes, planning ideas, graduate stories and general teen shenanigans.

PatriciA Fitzgerald

Patricia’s homeschooling experience includes years of teen wrangling, university and TAFE pathway experience, coordinating and teaching co-ops and surviving neuro diversities.

She is a master at digital record keeping, bypassing or reinterpreting red tape, and administrates a number of large homeschool Facebook groups in Australia. The largest of which is the Australian homeschool collective which offers discounts to curriculum for Aussie homeschoolers.

Patricia continues to foster the love of learning in those around her, by displaying her own love of learning. This sees her currently completing a Diploma of Legal Studies.

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